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I have checked and in ISPConfig the file named.conf points to:

when I look in the system, I have 2 named.conf:
both with the same content, same thing for the zones, ispconfig it's set as follows:

but when I look at the zones, they are also copied in:
also with the same contents, and the contents reflect what is set on ispconfig panels.

I am attaching named.conf and the zone. The failing dns entry is "zencart", it simply doesn't answer when you dig or nslookup it.

to createch: the path /var/named/chroot/ doesn't even exist. I am running a ubuntu 8.10, installation using the perfect server guide for it.

BTW, in another domain I created a co-host webmail pointing to an http address, it worked in another domain, but with this one it doesn't, don't know why, guess it's related all to the same...

Thanks for your help, I have no idea how to fix this...

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