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Default need ddns / mydns / mydnsconfig solution

Originally Posted by till View Post
Generally it can be used as Dynamic DNS-Server. But you will have to write some scripts that update the IP addresses of your DNS-Records dynamically in the database.
Can anyone point me to a working script, or a definition of the modifications required for
1) an address update, and
2) a new machine addition?

Though I've put some time into this, I'm approaching the deadline and I'm not convinced that I'm updating the tables correctly. Here's a little background:

I use dns applliances within each of several cloned test systems and I use MyDNSConfig to initialize them. There are some dynamic addresses I have to deal with and I need a ddns update solution.

I found 'dyndns.php' (the server process) and '" (the client) at

This seems promising and with a few changes, I've been able to see it update both 'rr' and 'soa' but it does not update all fields and it does not seem to handle the PTR record.

But now it turns out that I'm having a bit of trouble resolving names added with the gui and using 'dig' against the mydns server as well. Because this project is one of several, I haven't been able to stay on it as I'd like and I may have to start with a fresh install.

So time is running out, and I'd really appreciate pointers, an example script, some sql, an API....

Thanks for any help,
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