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Default How To Install Alfresco Community 3.3 On Ubuntu Server 10.04 - Start Problem

Hi all,

This is my first post in this forum so hello to everyone.

This is my problem:
I got alfresco working on another machine one year ago (should be ubuntu 9.04 desktop) and now I'm trying to reinstall everything on a fresh install of ubuntu server 10.04 (x64).

I found this excellent tuto on how to forge but i'm stuck at the end (9.3) for a permission problem.

here is my terminal output:
root@GED:/opt/alfresco# bash ./ start
./ line 12: ./tomcat/bin/ Permission non accordée
Permission non accordée = permission denied (in french)

As I installed everything in root and all files seem to belong to root, I really dont understand the error. Does some of you already encounter this problem of know how to work around ?

Thanks in advance

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