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Default Man this is sad.

Well I think I must have horrid mysql karma or something lol

So I followed your instructions, all seemed well. I then saw a new tutorial by falko of setting up master slave replication with ssl. Now I'm just on a private network playing around and stuff so I don't NEED security lol but figured what the hell lets play around with it.

Now I get this error in syslog:

Sep 2 05:00:05 server2 mysqld[4567]: 100902 5:00:05 [ERROR] Slave I/O thread: error connecting to master 'slave_user@': Error: 'Access denied for user 'slave_user'@'' (using password: YES)' errno: 1045 retry-time: 60 retries: 86400

After searching the forums I found a post where it was possibly a firewall problem. Now before the ssl the slave was working just fine until it hit that duplication error, so I wouldn't think it is a firewall issue. I found this command as well:

mysql -u slave_user@ -pmypassword

This returns with this error:

ERROR 1045 <28000>: Access denied for user 'slave_user@10.1.'@'localhost' <using password: YES>

It cuts off the host after 5 digits, don't know if that is normal either?

So any ideas folks?

Thanks as always for your time,

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