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Hehe, thank you for the kind words, tbh. you don't see these kind of thank you's much. Most times i can just see by the things someone post's that person has absolutely no clue of what they are doing, and just want you to tell them what they need to type in their console, hell .. if i replied to them: mv /etc /dev/null they would do it w/o asking questions, and most of the time, as soon as they have their answer, they stop replying .. Thanks for the kind words, it's nice to know i'm (we) are doing it for something

And just keep on working with linux, after some time you don't want anything else .. Man back in the days i've reinstalled my server like 100+ times, .. install, play around, break it, reinstall, try again and learn from your mistakes .. these forums can help you a lot with that.
As long as i can see that someone is putting effort in it themselfs i'm (we're) more then glad to help them as much as possible.

So let's see, about your situation. Are you able to access the glusterfs server on your client now?

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