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Originally Posted by Mark_NL View Post
Seems to me it's not only network storage you're new at ;-)

On linux there is no "drive letter", but mount points .. your glusterfs should be mounted (attached) to a directory on your system so you can access it on that system. (the how-to said: /mnt/glusterfs as an example) From that point on, if you want to access it on a windows machine, you need to install something like samba and export that mount point in samba.
Thanks for the reminder and yes I am very new to Linux if it was not for this website it might have evaded me for a very long time. One of the many reasons I feel compelled to be a continued subscriber of this website. I know this knowledge is not free and I applaud all of you for your outstanding work and tireless efforts. I only wish I could do more myself.

On to my issue at hand. I would like to access this mount point from another centos server that I set up as the client per the directions. Again it says it's mounted. My question is since its mounted how do I actually save to it and get data off of it.

If I wanted to cd to that mount point what would my command be:

cd /mnt/glusterfs ?

Again I don't want to apologize for being new I'm trying my best to read these tutorials and learn it's just that some of this stuff is really hard to grasp when your new ;(

Thank you once again for your help and just know I really do appreciate it very much.

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