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Taking everything in consideration of the stuff you are going to host, i can say now that VPS is going to run out of memory really quickly.

Try to bump that memory to 1gb or 2gb.

- Apache 2 (Needs to optimized)
- Nginx (Lightweight and easy on VPS)
- Lighttpd (Lightweight webserver)
- Php 5
- Mysql

I would go with Nginx.

- Postfix
- Amavisd-new (Spam and antivirus interface for MTA)
- Spamassassin
- Clamav

For mail, i would consider Google Apps. One less service to host and manage.

- Pureftpd

Other stuff
- Iptables (Firewall)

If you want to you can install ISPconfig 3 to have a nice interface for your services but if you only gonna host one domain than ISPConfig3 is maybe overkill.

Good luck
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