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Default Change document root for a single website to accomodate Zend Framework


I am using ISPConfig to host my website and related sites and The website is making use of the Zend Framework and thus needs a document root of /var/www/ in stead of the usual /var/www/ I cannot make an overall and generic change as the two other sites are based on opensource packages that do not use Zend Framework and thus have to point to the normal /var/www/xxx/web document root. Currently I have to manually alter the configured file which only works until the next change of configuration 9as it is then of course overwritten.

PS: Others may be interested in how the set up for Zend Framework on ISPConfig3 works - a lot of other add-on directives are required to make this work. Happy to post it on this forum once this document root issue has been resolved.
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