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Originally Posted by tom
1. Why I dont see the trafic or used diskspace in ISPC?

That's what I see but there's already some used disk and trafic by this user:

Traffic overview (in MB):
Month 	Web 	FTP 	Mail 	Overall
Overall: 	0.00 	0.00 	0.00 	0.00
Traffic in the last 4 years (in MB):
Year 	Web 	FTP 	Mail 	Overall
2006: 	0.00 	0.00 	0.00 	0.00
2005: 	0.00 	0.00 	0.00 	0.00
2004: 	0.00 	0.00 	0.00 	0.00
2003: 	0.00 	0.00 	0.00 	0.00
The diskspace is not shown in the list you posted above! This is only a traffic statistic. The stats are refreshed nightly, how "old" is the traffic you want to see there? Are your webalizer stats working.

2. Where can I change the dispayed years? I've had no trafic from 2003 to 2005 so I don't need to display it.
You cant without changing the sources. The question is why do you want to do that if you read the answer below

What will happend 2007? Maybe it alway shows the trafic of the last 4 years and 2007 the counted trafic from 2003 will be gone I guess.
The traffic is from the last 4 years, as the text in the staistic showas clearly "Traffic in the last 4 years".
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