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Default Complete newbie questions

I've been browsing through this forum and through the ISPconfig documentation and I'm completely lost. I'll begin with the fact that I am currently running a webserver and it's only accessable remotely by the IP address. I've actually got these domain purchased by a registrar: and

I'm trying to figure out how to setup a domain ( to run from my computer. I've installed ISPconfig successfully and I've been messing with a lot of things in the admin section (localhost:81). I've got so many questions I don't even know where to begind. Basically, the FedEx site I'm working on was originally located at and now I'd like to set it up to Stuff like the DNS servers I'm not sure what to enter. I saw in the documentation that the example showed 2 IP addresses, but I ony have one IP address.

Can anyone help? I'm completely unsure as where to begin.
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