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I have the site set to "no redirect" It's been set to this since the initial problem. The "no redirect" setting in ISPConfig is basically being ignored, I set it to this as as soon as I got the first re-direct loop.

I edited the vhost file manually because the system is ignoring the re-direct setting in the web interface. Either way it doesn't matter because even with all the redirects deleted from the vhost file, it continues to do the re-direct loop.

I deleted the subdomain to get rid of the redirect for it. No dice.

I'll deal with the actual redirect later but I'm trying to get my site back online now and I just want all redirects shut off. I did RewriteEngine off in the vhost to try and stop this, and nothing. My other sites are working fine, it's just this one. I can't find any additional config files.

Where is ISPconfig storing this config data? What file does it read when it overwrites the vhost? How often does it push these changes? What triggers it, besides a cron, to do this. Where is the cron file stored?
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