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Hi Falko,
Thank you for your response. After I re-installed the packages by following steps in "" and "", the error is gone. It needs to specify the include path and library of saslauthd when compiling a postfix. So, the errors(SASL and TLS support is not compiled in) is disappeared now. But I get "SASL authentication failure" in the maillog. Maybe I missed to install some more packages or the postfix config is not correct yet. (not sure)

Could you please give me a suggestion what I need to do? What I want is "a mail system that can be accessed by web and mail client. I installed mysql + postfix + saslauthd + dovecot + roundcube. I can access the mail system from roundcube web interface but I got a problem when sending an email from a mail client. For example, I have 3 mail users as, and I can login as these users on the roundcube web interface for sending and receiving an email. But I got an error when I sent out an email from mail client(outlook, login as one of these users) to the smtp server. If I want to use this solution, do I need to install more packages? (Or just need to correct some configs) Do you have an installation guide of this mail solution?

I saw you installed postfix + courier + mysql + squirrelmail in
"". This is another solution of mail system that you use the courier and squirrelmail instead of dovecot and roundcube, right? I understand that squirrelmail is another webmail as the same as roundcube. What is about courier? Does it work as the same function as dovecot?

What's about the pam? (as described on Do I need to configure it for user authorisation?
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