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Question verify glue records


I'm setting up a nameserver on my VPS in ISPConfig 3. See attached images below - are these the appropriate settings?

I realize that I will have a circular dependency problem so I asked the hosting provider to set up glue records, see the quote below:

In order to complete the configuration of my nameservers, I need glue records to be created.

Here are the nameservers along with IP addresses:
They responded saying :

Hello Ron,

We have added glue records as per your request.

Kindly verify this from your aend and do get back to us for any further assistance.
Now how do I verify that the glue records have been configured correctly?

Furthermore I contacted the domain registrar and asked them:

Please add to the global registry:
with IP address
with IP address

Thank you,
...following the instructions found here:

They have not responded to me as yet.

My aim is to have (and any other domain I set up in the future) to point to the nameservers and

I'm I going about this correctly?
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