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Originally Posted by till View Post
ISPConfig 3 can already be used as a cloud management system (see latest multi server tutorials abd cloud tutorials) for web, mail and DNS servers and with 3.0.4 release we will add management abilities for virtual machines as well. ISPConfig will then have the virtual machine functions on its own plus all the other ISP related functions so it does not make sense to integreate it in openqrm.
This is fantastic news but getting ISP3 up and running in a production environment has not been easy for me and all of my servers right now are using ISP2. I need a solution that will manage these servers as well until they can be migrated over.

Also I just found a tutorial that you guys mention here:
This is awsome as well.

What is the best thing to do if I want to have ISP3 servers in my environment, learn ISP3 and then it will do what I need and forget the other cloud management systems? If this is it then kewl np but I didn't know ISP3 could manage an entire cloud of diverse systems I thought it could only manage other ISP3 servers?

Thanks for your input in advance this is really very helpful.
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