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Default how to transfer configuration from server to ispconfig3

I used to have ispconfig2 installed, but when I tried to upgrade to the latest version, the upgrade failed, deleting the original ispconfig2 folders for some reason.
So I decided to try out ispconfig3 instead (amazing sw so far)
My problem though is that there are already configuration changes made to the system from ispconfig2 that I want to manually transfer to ispconfig3. I there an easy way of doing so, or a specific series of steps that should be taken?
At the moment my ispconfig3 cpanel is completely empty (I have no configured users/emails/databases/sites/dns.
Specifically I want to load my bind dns entries, mysql users and databases, vsftpd users(can it be used instead of pureftp by the way?)apache2 sites and shell users into ispconfig3.

Any help will be appreciated.
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