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O,, theres another problem. 2 dns records can NOT be deleted from rycle bin?i think that's why i can't create other site... why's that? and mail problem.. i can normally send mails, but i can not receive them. what's wrong? :S

edit: amm, every dns zone i delete in ispconfig stay's in bin... i can not delete it :S


ok, fixed dns problem ( withoud editing any config files) so now domain is added in bind. but, bind gives me that:

Failed to start BIND : Starting named: Error in named configuration: zone loaded serial 1997022700 zone loading master file file not found _default/ file not found zone loaded serial 2006042204 zone loading master file file not found _default/ file not found [FAILED]
and, is that OK?

i'm thinking about giving up on ispconfig... it's now at least 4 months od trying and srill not wotking

SOLVED, but i don't know how i just reinstalled bind at least 10 times, deleted some zones about 100 times, and now it works LoL Thanx for all ya help

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