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Default Joomla permissions in CentOS/ISPConfig 3 setup

Hi all,

I followed the CentOS x64 5.5 perfect server guide but also added the gnome desktop and a few utils. The server works really well and I am thoroughly impressed with CentOS & ISPConfig.

I have installed joomla on a site and ran into the permissions obstacle when trying to install/upload any modules/templates etc... (# JFTP::store: Bad response # Warning! Failed to move file.)

As ISPConfig 3 handles the creation/setup of websites via link files/folders & uses "clients" to specify individual site security, the setting of permissions hinges on assigning ownership & group rights to the correct objects.

For example "root" should be the owner and "client1" should be the group on my server. The default joomla install does not assign group permissions correctly. To fix this here is what I did:

N.B. - AFAIK, This process is unique to EACH CLIENT (not website) that ISPConfig creates - a change in client means different group membership...

chown -hR -v -f root:[clientX] [joomla install directory]/*
(e.g. chown -hR -v -f root:client1 web/*)
(you can check the messages log after a failed joomla upload/install to see the owner & group that needs permissions)

PERMISSIONS: ( "find ." starts the find from current directory so navigate appropriately)
find . -type f -exec chmod 644 {} \;   ("f" for files)
find . -type d -exec chmod 775 {} \;  ("d" for directories)
I did try 755 as suggested by an older post, but without write permissions the group to which the "client" belongs is unable to access the necessary files. 775 works fine and I don't think it exposes anything dangerous.

Anyway that sorted permissions/requirements for files/folders. Everything works very well and I am extremely thankful for this forum and the many helpful people who contribute.

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