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Hello Falko,

There is no SSL installed that I can see. I am not sure how I can test to see if it is running other than to install a certificate and try it. The certificates created on installation were for saslauth as I recall, done when postfix was installed. That all is running and works fine.

The Cert is from IPSCA in Spain for apache, and needs an intermediate chain certificate. They say to add it to the httpd.conf section for the host a line before the SSLCertificateFile line as follows:

SSLCertificateChainFile /home/www/web6/IPS-IPSCABUNDLE.crt

If I add it manually, it is deleted the next time ispConfig creates the Vhosts_ispconfig.conf file. Till, I think, suggested to someone with a similar problem that they put the chain file directive in the Apache Directives for the site in ispConfig, but after I save the change, it comes back: # SSLCertificateChainFile /home/www/web6/IPS-IPSCABUNDLE.crt # NOT SUPPORTED! and writes that line in the virtual server for the site.

Apache restarts fine, no errors there that I could see, the error log shows nothing.

IspConfig does create the Virtual Server with the Certificate ok: <VirtualHost>... but I noticed that the virtual host is inside a <IfModule mod_ssl.c> statement, and I cannot see where that module is installed.

I followed the Perfect Setup - Fedora Core 3 and it all went well. I went back today and removed and reinstalled Apache and php and all of that again to make sure, and all went in without errors. (Thanks for the wonderful work you do...!)

This is the only cert for this server so far, but it is on a sharedip. We have more IPs coming. I know you can only install one cert on an IP... perhaps it won't work if that IP us used for virtual hosts. Is there any way to make one site NOT virtual for an IP that you use for virtual hosts?

Thanks for all your help, you are amazing.

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