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Question SSL VirtualHost oddity

Hi All,

I'm experiencing an odd issue with enabling the first SSL'd host on ISPConfig 3. So far, all the virtualhosts were configured to use "*" as the IP Number, so all VHosts have "*:80" in the apache config files.

I just created a new virtualhost that I want to have an SSL certificate on, on which I need to specify the server's IP number as the VirtualHost's IP.
This works 100% perfectly, the vhost comes up, SSL works, perfect.
BUT, what also happens is that every single other virtualhost on the server ends up rendering the SSL'd virtualhost's content. As soon as I change the IP number in ISPConfig back to "*", all the other virtualhosts work as expected, and the new SSL'd one gives an SSL cert error "Issuer not trusted", as it's not picking up the virtualhost's cert, but the server's self-signed one.

I have 2 Listen statements in httpd.conf, one for port 80, one for port 443. I also have 4 NameVirtualHost lines, the *:80 and *:443 ones, and then also the and ones.

This is likely an Apache config issue and not an ispconfig one, but I was just wondering if anybody else has come across this issue before and what the solution was?

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