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Default ISPC3 stopped working

Hi all!

Last week migrated to dedicated server (CentOS) from VPS and after much googling decided to use ISPC3 as controlpanel.

Installation and setup of sites went well and they are up and running.

But now, few days later, when try to add new site or ftp-user they are added to database but,

- folders for new site are not created
- can't login with the new ftp-account

Old sites and ftp-accounts works OK.

Using Pure-FTP as ftp-client.
Only thing i have done since setup of the first sites are some tweaking/optimizing of php/apache etc.

Noted also, the stuff in "Logging"-part of IPSC3 are not updated frequently anymore, now are last updates more than 2 hours old. and ex. Rkhunterlog is 4 days old.

Any ideas where to start checking?


PS. To forum-admin, is it possible to remove the Google-ad what hide a big part of this edit-box and the texts when edit message??

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