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Default Domains not mapping to site folders

Hi all,

I've had a trawl through the forum for this problem, and have applied the fixes I found with no luck.

We have a server running Ubuntu Server 10.04 and ISPConfig 3. It sits behind a router with two internal addresses (on eth0 and eth0:0). Those two internal addresses are DMZ'd and address mapped to 2 public IP's on the router.

ISPConfig is up and running, we have added the client and the site. The server is running BIND9 happily, and the domain routes to our server fine.

The problem is that when you navigate to the domain in question, you get the server's root index.html.

The domain is included as a virtualhost in apache2.conf and everything looks good. A quick summary of the config is:

- server has 2 public IPs mapped to 2 private IPs
- DNS has A records for domain and www.domain on public IP
- site is configured with private IP (have also tried using public)
- site has autosubdomain (www.)
- can ftp to the site folder fine

One other thing that is odd is that if you navigate from the server root to the site folder i.e. you get a 403 permission denied error page.

So, any ideas? I'm happy to dump up relevant config and outputs if asked for.

Cheers in advance!
(fingers crossed)
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