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Default Mail Server Setup With Exim, MySQL, Cyrus-Imapd, Horde Webmail On Centos 5.1

Hello and thanks for the howto. I've been using this mailserver setup for a few years now, but recently I noticed that some of the recipients MTA reject messages when sent from an email client like Tunderbird or Outlook Express.
The difference between a message sent from a client and the one sent from horde is in the Sender name.

From Horde is correct -
From mail a client is wrong - "", where is the hostname of my mail server.
The complete line in log file (real user and domains changed):
2010-08-10 11:37:07 1OikKS-0002Tp-M2 <= "" H=([]) [] P=esmtpa S=984
I googled for a few days untill I found no solution to this problem.
Please help if you have any ideas.
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