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Originally Posted by till View Post
Ok. As long as you do not run more then one web, mail, dns or database server, then its ok of course. But I really dont understand where your problem is then. Above you said that you want to run more webservers "4. one or more webservers" and then you need more IP addresses.

Are you really sure that it makes sense for you to run a multiserver system on a single IP dsl line? A single server with a current quadcaore and a few GB RAM is able to fill a 100mbit line already, so to make sense for a multiserver system, you would need a few hundred Mbit internet connection.
Nice we agree on the multiserver on 1 IP setup.

I am limited to 5 ip's in this fase. 3 will be used for biggest websites so they have a unique IP for pageranking issues. One IP will be home network for kids and wife. The last one will share about 50 of my other sites. Bandwidth is not so much the issue here as is processing power and diskhandling. Also this is a test. If this has become under control and evolves further (the integration of aps standard is definately an issue) this ISPconfig multiserver setup might replace my other shared Plesk hosting with Installatron at Strato. Bandwidth is not an issue by the way, provider can supply upto 1 gbit connections in my home (Netherlands).
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