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Originally Posted by till View Post
You need a dedicated IP for every server that shall be accessible from the internet. It does not matter if you use ispconfig or not.
Over the past year I routed ports 80, 25, 110 and the others open in the Fireall to an ISPconfig2 server next to my Windows PC at my home sharing 1 public IP after the router and it was online for 12 months.

I do not see why traffic on ports 110 and 25 routed by Smoothwall - which has the public IP - to the mailserver node, or port 80 to the webserver node will not get there? What is the difference with mail, web and isp on the same server? They share 1 public IP in both cases? When traffic on the public IP is routed by Smoothwall to the corresponding node by portforwarding, 1 or many, the effect is the same? What other ports does the mailserver need conflicting with other nodes - in the local net after the node with portforwarding - then 25 and 110?

Where am I wrong?
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