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Default Spamfilter policy - forward blocked emails


I want to forward blocked emails to a specific email address. The GUI offers the "Forward spam to email", "Forward banned to email", etc options for that. But when I configure it I do not see any change when I send a test spam message. Currently I have a single email address that is not protected by the spamfilter. In all four policy attributes I enter that email address (incl domain). Even after waiting for days, nothing happened?

In the forum I found several posts about this subject but I never got one working. And they all refer to adjusting amavisd.conf but why should I if the ISPConfig3 GUI offers me to make the change.

How is this supposed to work? In which config file is this setting stored so I can check the ISPConfig and actual (amavisd?) configuration? My goal is to never let blocked emails disappear, I want them to end up somewhere.

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