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Originally Posted by Rapid2214 View Post
I get where your coming from but don't you find it easier when you can go at you own pace instead of pausing the video every 2 sec's.

Also another problem is bandwidth issues, but i suppose HowtoForge can support this anyway.

Otherwise, it would be a good feature...
Agreed, and I must say going at your own pace is what keeps me sane half the time though what I also say on behalf of videos is you get to see where or how exactly some operation is being done.
Example; in a written tutorial it might say "go to dns configuration and add this to that" but many little things get left out, the writer always assumes that the person reading knows where to go and in fact they may not. This is always my problem I spend half my time searching for where the person went and what they did to make that happen.
However in a video tutorial you will see where they click and what they do so you get it right the first time. There’s less headache in the learning process I believe.

Again we don't all learn the same way I've dealt with the written tutorials because the tutorials here are the only ones that seem to get the job done the right way though they don't go into detail with many of the other nice features that make a server do what you want. I spend half my time searching and searching for all that material and bumping my head trying to make it all work once I do find it.

Videos are just so much nicer and the pausing is not so bad I actually like the pausing. I suppose I'm a DVR fan because I do this also when I watch a movie. Take away my DVR and I'm toast! Sometimes I will replay a tutorial over and over until I'm the best I can be at performing that task or operation.

I did the same with the written tutorials here. I did many installs until I found a method that worked best for me and that I could do over and over without failure. I have many servers and when one goes down I need to get it or another one up and back online and so for me it's not such a bad thing.
I guess if your installing one server and your job doesn’t really demand that you know it to the best of your ability written tutorials are fine but again they leave out many little things that beginners really need.

Myself again I like the tutorials here so that's why I suggested it here that if a more knowledgeable person could make a video tutorial for us less knowledgeable, we could learn more. The benefit is that you sell the lessons and we learn correctly the first time around. Every time I upgrade I need a new video. Every time I try a new product I come here to get my tutorial so I can learn all that I need to know about it so I can implement it as fast as possible and I can keep making money by offering more to my clients.

I'm one of those people who firmly belives in you can never know enough. Learning cost money and I want the best if I'm going to pay and I have not found a tutorial anywhere that teaches like the ones here. It would just be better if they were videos is all. Hey and you could still have the written ones for the persons who like them and the videos for the persons who like them.

You make money I make money and where all happy campers

Yes I feel very strongly about this and I belive in this concept and I hope that someone here is going to try to make this happen. I will be your first member
I really want to learn ISP 3 and am having a very hard time with it and the tutorials. ISP 2 was not so bad but 3 is kicking my butt and it's because there are little things like where to go and what to click that are being left out. I really want to instal 3 and then migrate all my sites over to the new servers but it's not working out. So I wait and wait until I can figure it out.

Ok, so bandwidth thats an issue but what if you sold the videos on DVD? I bought all of my CS4 courses on DVD it was like $250.00. You could use paypal and charge the shipping to the customer.
I don't know you have the market and you have the customers, whats the problem?

My two cent...
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