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Default so the multiserver trick with 1 ip is....

@Toucan: tnxs very much sir for you clear answer!

So in IPSconfig 3 the trick for multiserver with 1 ip is the next I guess?

Soon I will get a cable connection with 5 ip's at my home. I will move 47 domains from Strato dedicated server to here.

Planned setup
: I connect the first public IP to a node with a Smoothwall installation followed by a router. The router is connected to the master and the slaves and the portforwarding in Smoothwall for Ispconfig, mail, mysql, dns and web is set to the local ip of the corresponding master/slave node. This should have the system work on ONE ip?

If this works could there also be a way to have more then one webserver under this type of installation with one IP? Since I only can forward port 80 once. In other words can Apache serve namebased hosts on different nodes in the local net. Anybody done that before?

Toucan: Unless you're comfortable with the install process
Not as much with the install process. This truly magnificant system is rather undocumented for mulltiserver setup. E.G. quota handling in multiserver setup unfortunately can only be described as black hole. First security will be taken care off by Smoothwall but I guess individual nodes will need individual measures for security like portsentry?

you could install as per the guide and then switch off the services you don't want from the control panel.
This wil bring a lot of redundant processing I am guessing?

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