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Default Converting from MyDNS to bind9 on Ubuntu 9.04

Hi all,

I've been having ongoing issue with MyDNS on my server, stack smashing causing it to abort and eventually all instances are aborted.

So, I would like to convert to bind9 since it's now supported, but don't really see how to do this.

I installed MyDNS with MySQL support via source to try to get around the stack smashing. Any ideas on how to uninstall this? I just stopped the service from running, which I though should be enough.

I installed bind9 via Synaptic and install looked ok. Started it up and it's listening on port 53 for all IP address.

Ran 'php -q update.php' from ispconfig3_install and asked to reconfigure services, but doesn't look like anything got reconfigured. I stopped bind9, uninstalled it and restarted MyDNS to get things back and running.

Is there a FAQ or other thread that I missed that has the steps for converting MyDNS to bind9??

Thanks, Danté
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