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Default OK, will stick with ISPConfig2

Till, thanks ... I think the best approach then (to go from a known to a slightly less known) is for me to continue with the current config and maybe do it a slightly different way.

I have more flexibility with the VM anyway, so I am going to adjust the IP of the VM to match the IP of the VPS provider. I can then using natting (internal to the VM) so it and the host/VPS use the same IP.

That way I can keep exactly the same OS/config on both and the DNS failover (which occurs external to both networks btw, I am not using DNS on ipsconfig) will just switch hostnames to the appropriate network/machine.

Internally the OS/settings will be exactly the same -- the VPS will be routing over its true IP, the VM will be routing using that same IP but that IP will be natted internal to the VM and then go out of the physical machine onto the real network/out to the internet.

(And yes, I will try the mysql replication and other sync suggestions you have made. I want these machines to be exactly the same from the OS perspective).

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