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Default Is there an upgrade path from ISPConfig2 to ISPConfig3?

Originally Posted by till View Post
You should be aware that you try to setup a ultiserver system with a ispconfig version for single servers. ISPConfig 2 is a controlpanel to be used on single servers, so it has no functions to help you to run it on multiple servers at the same time. For multiservers etups, there is ISPConfig 3 available which supports the configuration mirroring out of the box over two or more servers.
Oh great ... another upgrade :-( lol

I thought I read in threads that I can't upgrade though (i.e., there is no upgrade path) from ISPConfig2 to 3? i.e., I have to install ISPConfig3 from scratch?

Can you please confirm for me? Thanks

So, if no upgrade path, my scenario for the initial setup on ISPConfig3 might be:

1) Install "Perfect Debian" + ISPConfig3 on new host/primary
2) Restore /var/www + mysql backups from current ISPConfig2 server
3) What other major steps?

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