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Originally Posted by till View Post
If you want to do only dialy backups, then you dont need mysql replication indeed. I thought you wanted to have a failover system with current data.
Well, of course, I want that like anyone else ... but I am sizing up what is practical vs. what is needed. I have serious doubts about mysql replication (just from reading) ... I guess it is a "don't knock it 'til you try it" scenario

Originally Posted by till View Post
Regarding /root/ispconfig replication. This directory does not contain any data that changes after initial ispconfig install, so it has not to be replicated.

Originally Posted by till View Post
If you do not switch over the ip address to your backup server in case of a failure, you might have to change ip addresses in the website configurations as well.
Huh? Didn't quite get this. The DNS failover switches the hostname to the IP (it checks the site's availability every 5 minutes and switches over to the Backup if it appears the Primary is down).

BUT, in the proposed scenario, my current server is on, say:
And the new primary will be on (some real IP at a provider)
example: 200.139.149.x

IIRC, even though ISPConfig allows you to put in multiple IPs it actually doesn't have communication or support for multiple servers, right? Will I have to maintain two different ISPConfig setups of all the websites? (Drupal multisites with a bunch of sites on 1 IP using Named-Based Virtual hosting using howtoforge setups)
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