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Default Migrate ISPConfig/Debian/Drupal to another box ... and keep them in sync.

Sorry if you believe I am beating a dead horse by asking this question ... but I have been trying to piece together the best course of action from what I am reading here.

o I have ISPConfig2 + Drupal6 + Debian Lenny working great ... built from "Perfect Debian Etch + ISPConfig" which I then upgraded Debian and Drupal
o I have prototyped everything on a virtual machine and currently simply Backup/Restore the entire OS/virtual machine image between two separate virtual machines (two separate locations) i.e. --> same IPs (natted), same everything, but on two different networks. Works GREAT (even though being run on completely different types of hardware!)
o Now I want (need) to put this config onto a VPS and maintain the virtual machine as a "hot spare" (via DNS failover)/dev/test
o Among other things, VPS will be on a completely different ("real") IP vs "natted" IP, etc

o What is the best plan for keeping things "in sync" -- I would REALLY like to avoid MySQL Replication if at all possible!
o Can I duplicate the config onto the VPS and then tar the whole OS (or just the /var/www, /var/lib/mysql and /etc/..., password+shadow directories) and then only have to change the IP
o Would ISPConfig2 adjust to changing the one and only IP? Or would I have to reconfigure ISPConfig2 after changing the system IP?

What is the easiest, most reliable way to get this going?

Thanks in advance for any hints/suggestions.

I am SERIOUSLY lamenting not being able to just keep the virtual machines going because they have worked SO well, but I would then be running virtual machine on a virtualized (VPS) environment and, of course, that doesn't make any sense.

Here is one recent article that I reviewed and another that seemed to almost cover it all
I have also tried to review most all documents in the "Backup" section, here:

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