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Thanks for the reply. First, let me describe some "use cases" where it is reasonable for there to be multiple databases owned by a single MySQL user:

1. Revision Management

A given user updates a database regularly and needs to take snapshots at certain points. It is not reasonable to create a new MySQL user for each snapshot and this unnecessarily complicates restores as well.

2. Staged Deployments

Many of our customers develop their websites not directly in the www domain. They use something like for development. When they want to cut over the stage website to the www website, they run a deployment script. Again, it unnecessarily complicates deployment to require that these databases have different MySQL users.

3. Administration

From a system backup perspective, it is useful to know which databases are associated with a client. Overwhelmingly, I use the GID as the MySQL username. This makes it much easier for the user as well. The password management is controlled at one point in the control panel. And, when the user updated their client (GID) password, having it propagated automatically to the MySQL user makes administration much easier for customers and administrators alike.

4. Applications that use multiple databases

Some of our clients have applications that use multiple databases within a single web application. I can't go into specific details, but the present configuration for these customers is that the databases have the same MySQL user name.

My opinion is that "informed choice" is a good goal for UI design. While a control panel might want to influence certain best practices, it is a reasonable request to have multiple databases for the same MySQL user.

So, the question is: can this be done as a feature, or does it need to be done as a hack?
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