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Default UIDs, GIDs, and Database Naming

As I'm coming up to speed on ISPConfig3, I have a couple of questions:

1. I see in System > Interface Config the prefix for the Database name and the Database user. I changed the Database name prefix to:
I added the trailing underscore as a convention so to help avoid namespace collisions (as long as usernames are never assigned with underscores). For example, with usernames abc and abcdef, the database abcdefghi could have been created by either user without this naming convention.

2. I have the Database user prefix set to be:
When I try to create a database without any additional characters typed in the Database user field, I get an error. This field should be optional. Do you agree?

3. What is the purpose of the Database password field? As far as I know, passwords are not assigned to databases, but instead to users. If that is what is meant here, I still see an issue: what if the database user already exists? I think the Database user should be renamed to be Database user password. Also, it appears that I cannot create two databases with the same database user. If this is so, I think this is a bug. It is reasonable for a user to have more than database.

4. I see UIDs and GIDs such as:
for each of the websites that are created. I would much rather have a more mnemonic naming. I'd like [CLIENTNAME] to be the GID. And, I'd like the UID to be something like [CLIENTNAME]_[DOMAINNAME] where [DOMAINNAME] is the actual domain name with the period (".") replaced by an underscore ("_"). Then, instead of the above, for the username "fatbear" and for the domains,, and, you'd have:
Yes, it is verbose, but it is also guaranteed to be unique, and it makes it much easier to verify correctness when doing operations on a server.

How can I modify ISPConfig (either via the GUI, or by modifying the code) to enable this naming convention for UIDs and GIDs?
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