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Default Client Can't Change Website Options In Control Panel


After upgrading ISPConfig from to there is a small problem when a client tries to change the website options:

When a client is in the "Sites" tab, as he clicks on "Redirect" the page keeps displaying the "Domain" tab and he gets following error message:

1. Max. available Harddisk Quota: 350 MB
Max. available Traffic Quota: 10004 MB

However, none of these quotas match the quotas set for this website and used space is far less than these quotas (50 MB). The funny part is when the client clicks on the "SSL" tab and then returns to "Redirect", the error message doesn't appear. But still the client can't change any options. It only happens on the "Website" page so my guess was it has something to do with the web_domain_edit.php file. I'm no PHP programmer but to me this file looks good.

Any help would be appreciated!

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