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Default Postfix running

Originally Posted by till View Post
According to this log, postfix is running. Please restart postfix, if it failed, post the log entrys that have been added to the mail log.
I realize it was just a matter of postfix not being set to start at boot. Was it the yum update that disabled it then, I wonder.

I am also still worried about the amisvd error message, or is this not a problem?

This fixed the problem for me:
[root@mf-vm- init.d]# chkconfig postfix --list
service postfix supports chkconfig, but is not referenced in any runlevel (run 'chkconfig --add postfix')
[root@mf-vm- init.d]# chkconfig --add postfix
[root@mf-vm- init.d]# chkconfig postfix --list
postfix 0 : off 1 : off 2 : on 3 : on 4 : on 5 : on 6 : off
[root@mf-vm- init.d]# reboot
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