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When I run dig (My domain name) from my web server I receive the following:


the IP is what shows up on my domain registrars website under the "Total DNS Contral". This is not my external IP Address. My external address is

I found your post and followed the instructions. I chose this because the GoDaddy tutorial required two systems loaded with ISPConfig and two DNS names. As per the instructions I created and set that as my primary DNS.

When I access my website by IP Address ( I come into a page that says "It Works". Both of my websites (client1/web1 and client2/web1) have had the index page replaced with actual pages for those sites and the rest of their content. So apparently the IP Address is taking me to some other location on my server. If you use the domain name you go to the Federal Domain "Website Parked" page.

So it looks like there are two problems to figure out:

1) Why is the domain name not using the name server and/or the IP Address of instead of the one assigned by Federal Domain ( As this was just done yesterday afternoon I am willing to wait and see if the registration completes itself. Your instructions say that this can take 24 to 48 hours for the new name server to be found.

2) Why is my IP Address pointing to a generic page on my server? Where is this page located?

Your help is appreciated.
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