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In the Answer section it shows the "A" record as going to the "A" record at my domain registrar (Federal Domain) not to my external static IP.

FYI.... I have TWC Business Class coming in with a static IP. All Port 80 traffic is forwarded to a Netgear Router. That Router forwards Port 80 to a Linksys WRT54G router. That Router forwards to the webserver with an internal address of System was working fine for external access with just one website before I reloaded and upgraded to Ubuntu 10.04.

When I hit my website from domain name I get the generic "It Works" page. The problem is it does not transfer into the correct web (ie. client1/web1) folder where the website content is located. I also have a folder for the second website setup by ISPConfig as client2/web1. How does ISPConfig differentiate whether to send port 80 requests to client1/web1 or to client2/web1. Do I need different internal addresses? With my previous online webhosting I could just sent to and it would work. This is the piece of the puzzle that is missing for me. What controls where the request goes to?

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