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Default Problems with wordpress on new server running ISPConfig 3

Earlier in the month I migrated my sites to a new server ditching cPanel in favour of ISPConfig 3 with the help of a server manager. On the whole it has been pretty smooth sailing with the exception of a wordpress blog that started to give numerous permissions related errors so after a few late nights I decided to ditch the existing blog and start from scratch.

This morning I did a clean install of Wordpress and I can see the standard Wordpress page online at Going inside though to perform the first action of deleting the "Hello Dolly" I receive a message:

"Plugin could not be deleted due to an error: Could not fully remove the plugin(s) hello.php."

Examining the file using my FTP client, I see permissions are set at 644 and if I try to change it permission is denied. It seems clear there is some kind of fundamental error in place here but not being very savvy with Wordpress or servers I am unsure what is going on and wondered if somebody here might know what is causing this? No doubt there will just be many more errors if I try to carry on like this.


PS The database was installed as my user.
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