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Ok, did my own home work and for any other new guys/girls out there here is what I came up with so far for doing two different kinds of backups.
1. Cloning

2. File backup

The programs I found are free opensource apps so no worries.

Personally I like the Clonezilla SE (server edition) as it has multicasting support whereby you can backup multiple servers simultaneously. This method captures an image of the server and unlike Ghost it captures only the used sectors of the drive not the entire partition. (at least this is what I understand).

I will try to implement Clonezilla SE in my environment and see how easy it is to setup, configure, and use. I will also test crash a box and see how easy it is to recover the box in a real world environment to see if I can get ISPCONFIG back up and running the way it was before the crash.

If this does not work then I'll move on to something else. Unless a guru out there already knows about this and can chime in for us new people.
Are we or am I on the right path, is this a viable solution to use with ISPCONFIG? Is there a downside to using this over something else?

Any help would be appreciated and thanks in advance.
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