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Smile Recomended Server Backup Software Fedora 13

I'm new to the linux world and I'm very apt at backing up other OS's and restoring them when needed to the way they were before a crash.

I am currently able to backup my sites by downloading the files to my pc from the server control panel however I am worried about my server and it's configuration. I have put in lots of time on my boxes and have many of them running various configurations. I have documented most of the configs incase they go down but that doesnt help me with ISPCONFIG as when it goes down I need to perform a complete reinstall.

Is there not a program that will ghost the drive of your linux box? and then simply append it to the image say every night or on a schedual? Like an incremental backup of sorts.

Everything I'm seeing is just backingup files but not applications, configurations etc. Seems to me there must be somthing like this for linux.

If you can point me in the right direction I would very much appreciate it and I would be able to sleep better at night.

Thanks in advance
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