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Talking Perfect Server Setups/Upgrades Video Tutorials

I'm a member of a website that has video tutorials on web design and programming in php, asp, and perl etc. I pay a monthly fee to be a member of this site and I am learning from these videos every day. My skills are progressively getting better and better.

I said that to say I have been able to install ISPCONFIG 2 without fail. I can do it over and over again and again. I have learned allot of the ins and outs of it not all but allot. I have tried my hand at ISPCONFIG 3 and I like it but I can't figure it out enough yet to make it production able in my environment. I really like the fact that you can control multiple servers from the control panel or so I've read.

The How-To's here can't be beat! Hand's down they are the best I have yet to find. The support here is just as awesome. That's why I'm here )

What I wish more than anything though is that somebody would record some of these setups and configurations then sell them on cd's or dvd's or allow me to become a member of their site so I can learn how to get my ISPCONFIG 3 servers all up and running!

I currently pay $30.00(a month) - US DOLLARS - to be a member of a site that allows me to watch the web design tutorials I would pay that with no problem to watch Linux server configuration videos and ISPCONFIG videos or Apache configuration videos or Bind videos! (GET THE IDEA)?

Seems to me there is big money to be made here but someone is not seeing it! Filming is soo much easier than typing a tutorial why not go digital?
You still have the support possibility out there. Videos bring the learning to a whole new level that words just can't meet.

That's my two cent's on this topic of mine :0)

Don't know if anyone else out there feels the same but it would be nice to get some of these gurus to make some videos for us new guys and girls.

And by the way if you have a video on ISPCONFIG 3 Setup and configuration for Fedora 13 let me know and let me know how much you want for a copy of it )

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