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Funny but I had a similar setup as you infact I had several 1U servers all with this very configuration and I was learning about installing Fedora when I came across an issue while running the installer.

My server kept freezing not at the same point but it was a random freez in no place inparticular during the install. The fedora disc #1 at the begining has a nice memory testing utility it feels alot like memtest (not sure if thats what it is) but it feels like that. Anyway I ran this nice utility and sure enough I saw all these red lines with white text and it was all bad ram. So I replaced the ram and my install went flawlessly this time.

I'm not sure if this is your problem but that happend to me and thats what i did to fix it.

Hope this helps you.

Originally Posted by wiliamsmith10 View Post
hey i have P4 3.0ghz,2 gb ram, 101 motherboard.
but my problem is when i am trying to install Fedora my computer is just frieze. and i am not able to do any thing so i restart it.
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