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Originally Posted by till View Post
Just use the client_add function from the remote API. Do not add anything manually in sys_user or sys_group as this is all handled by the client_add.

function client_add($session_id, $reseller_id, $params);

$params is an array. Like in all functions of the API, the keys of this array are identical to the fields of the corresponding database table. In this case, the client table. The sys_* database fields are for ispconfigs internal use and do not go into $params.

You find all available functions in the file.
Hmm, I dont think i can do it without help..

Can i setup the whole client with one script? Like, username, firstname, default webserver, limits all things?


If i have these variables:

With the information from the top on the line, how do i create a user?

I think there is more than one user in here there want this help too..

I hope you can help me.. thanks.
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