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Originally Posted by nenad
Finally I done it using brute force.
In PHPAdmin I found every single DNS record for items that remained in RecycleBin , and I deleted them.

And it was effective.
ISPConfig as well as other sites are still fully operational.

But, there is another issue.
I hosted website and few days ago I deleted it.

But I see that tehre is lot of entires remained in Database (I removed them), and complete website structure remained???
Allthogether with symlinks in /var/www ??

I tought that all of that has to be deleted when I delete site in ISPConfig ?
No. If you delete records manually in the datbase, you will mess up your system. ISPConfig is a complex system and has dependency tables isp_nodes, isp_dep and dns_nodes, dns_dep. If these are not in sync with the other tables, your system will fail sooner or later.
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