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Default Is this still valid?

Hello folks,

I find myself making lots of mistakes while learning about webs etc. Im trying to teach myself multiple things so I have for instance a practice drupal site, practice joomla site, practice word press site etc.

I often forget to make a backup then I screw the proverbial pooch on something, and have to start waaaaay back to my last backup. (which maybe isnt a bad thing since it makes me practice over and over lol)

I have a few questions regarding this autobackup setup.

1. Is this still the best way to do autobackups, with the post being two years old? I found this one searching But that one looks highly complex and also says restoring etc can have very bad results, should I pursue this route or the other one?

2. The code that is in swiss or french, can that just be plugged into google translate? I know sometimes things don't translate well because of verb conjugation etc.

3. Once translated I would save it to cgi bin? and run the command listed at the bottom?

Thanks as always,

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