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I did check the other sites and could do a ls in the previously created sitefolders, but now i realized i did an aptitude update before checking this and activated sudo su before running the update and so had root access before checking the other folders... So, that problem is no problem and expained by your post
Thanx for getting my things straight

Originally Posted by till View Post
Regarding the FTP users:

1) Are there any jobs left in the jobqueue in the ispconfig monitor?
2) And are there any errors in the system log in the ispconfig monitor?
3) Which tutorial did you use to install the server?
1= Nope
2= Nope

Actually, i once again removed the client and site i created and started over and this time it worked.... :/ Sorry for taking your time with this.

I guess the problem was that i did to many things at the same time trying to find the problem.
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