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How to manually DELETE those entries from Recycle Bin?

Now I have problems even with adding A records for mail:

Althought there is:
IP-Adresse Hostname www mail ns1 ns2

It seems that it is not writen in dns conf or zome or what ever files.

Doesn't show my

And it was working good until today.
Reboot (delete from A records and write back again) and everything elese (including webmin) don't help.

What should I do, which file should I manually edit to resolve this error: Could not connect without glue or A record.

and this one

ERROR: None of your mail server(s) seem to have reverse DNS (PTR) entries (I didn't get any responses for them).

P.S. IMHO RecycleBin create lots of problemes. Is ther possibility do DISABLE it?
Nenad Bulatovic
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