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Default this is my named.conf now. Is run OK for internet request

Originally Posted by falko View Post
This tutorial is for ISPConfig 2 and therefore incompatible with ISPConfig 3. For ISPConfig 3, you should've used this guide:
// named.conf
// Provided by Red Hat bind package to configure the ISC BIND named(8) DNS
// server as a caching only nameserver (as a localhost DNS resolver only).
// See /usr/share/doc/bind*/sample/ for example named configuration files.
options {
listen-on port 53 { localhost; };
listen-on-v6 port 53 { ::1; };
directory "/var/named/chroot/var/named";
dump-file "/var/named/chroot/var/named/data/cache_dump.db";
statistics-file "/var/named/chroot/var/named/data/named_stats.txt";
memstatistics-file "/var/named/chroot/var/named/data/named_mem_stats.txt";
allow-query {any; };
recursion no;
logging {
channel default_debug {
file "data/";
severity dynamic;
zone "." IN {
type hint;
file "named.root";
include "/var/named/chroot/etc/named.conf.local";

This configuration run OK for a littel internet web server. Falko, this is a security problem? This is a security hole?
My server run in CentOS 5.5 and last estable ispConfig 3.
Wich the configutation of the guide don't run OK for the internet request. Don't show the web pages. Why?

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