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Question Amavisd-Spamassassin-etc.. Overview

I agree... I have searched the forums (always awesomely helpful, BTW) for some clarity on the interworkings of of the filter settings and have not found a good complete picture as I usually do.

I'd be happy to put one together, but I don't understand it yet!

If there is already something out there and I am missing it, please let me know.. What I think I, and others, are looking for is something that spells out how the settings work together, such as:

1 - domain filter setting

2 - user filter setting

3 - What is Priority 1-10 and the slider really do in relation to the tag levels?

4 - What happens to the emails at the various tag levels?- I for one am concerned about being too strict on SPAM scores and then a customer wanting an email from Quarantine and then finding it was actually deleted....

5 - Map this info to the conf files that house the settings?

Again - sorry if this is already out there, but I could not find it. If I can start to get the answers from the awesome members here, I would be more than happy to build the document for everyone. If its already started - somebody please point me to it..

Thanks ALL, as always great help...
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